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Is Solar Power the Future?

The idea of using the sun’s rays to generate electricity has gripped scientists for many years, and with advanced battery technology now coming to the fore, solar power is a reality for many ordinary households. For homes in the Western Cape we recommend you take a closer look at Max Yield Energy, a company leading the way in solar technology in the region, and one with a reputation for excellent service and outright honesty unlike most solar power companies in South Africa.

Indeed, Max Yield Energy will take a careful look at your energy usage and requirements, and should they find that solar is not the way forward for you they will inform you of such. They work with local manufacturers to ensure quality solutions, and believe their prices to be competitive in a tightly fought market. Get in touch with Max Yield Energy now and find out if you are , suitable for  solar power and save money if you are!

Become a Trendsetter with Luksbrands

Are you looking for trendy, up to date street gear that will lead the way when it comes to your social group’s fashion choices? You need to become a trendsetter by checking out the innovative and exciting range of gear from Luksbrands, the leading name in 21st century street chic.

It’s not just the stunning range of headgear, watches, sunglasses and more from the hip and vibrant Neff watches brand, or the amazing range of audio and gaming gear from market-leading Skullcandy, it’s the fact that Luksbrands deals only in the best brands at the best prices, and also offers a great range of package deals that are attractively priced.


Don’t be a follower, be a leader; take a look at the latest offers at Luksbrands right now, and get in touch with the very latest in skate and surf inspires street gear at simply great prices – you know you want to!

Skin Care Products with Natural Ingredients

Skin care is an area of your beauty regime that requires careful attention, but are you using products that do the job they promise? It’s all too easy to spend money on, for example, anti-ageing lotion that turns out to be ineffective, so we have the answer you are looking for with the best cosmetics in South Africa.

We recommend that you check out the extensive range of best eye cream and beauty products – for both men and women – from Babor, a company that has extensive experience in the field. Furthermore, they are dedicated to formulating products using only natural active ingredients, so you get safety and effectiveness in one package.

You can check out their full range of excellent products at the website, where you will find more information on Babor, its history and its dedication to research and development, so why not have a look right now and see how you can get everything you need from this one online shop.

Explore the Culture of Namibia



The opportunity to experience and observe the lifestyle of an ancient people is a rare one, but if you visit Namibia you can take a trip to visit the San people, or bushmen, who have lived in the region for many millennia and still exist in a nomadic lifestyle in Namibia today. This is a chance to experience a culture far removed from ours, and one that is not to be found elsewhere.

At Book Namibia, a great resource on all things to do with visiting the country, you can find information on bushmen tours, safaris, and more useful advice such as 4×4 car rental in Namibia and accommodation options, making this a must for anyone considering visiting this magnificent and unspoilt country. They also provide information on the many attractions and places to see during your visit, so why not check out Book Namibia for all the advice you could need to make your Namibia holiday a cultural delight.